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Private Pilates Sessions in southwest Las Vegas

The Stance Pilates mission is to provide sustainable workouts that guide each person toward a pain-free, vibrant life that fosters resilience and lifelong mobility. Be empowered to discover your strength and thrive through private, personalized Pilates training tailored to your unique needs and well-being journey.


About your instructor

Hi, I'm Teya!

Growing up as a dancer, I have experienced first-hand all the joys and challenges of a body in motion. Through the years, I discovered how the passage of time along with lingering injuries had a profound impact on my once-effortless movements. As a result, navigating the demands of work and life while striving for a healthy, balanced existence became part of my wellness journey.

Witnessing the transformative power of Pilates on my own body, I recognized its potential to promote healthy aging and enhance quality of life. As adults, we face the constant challenge of maintaining our well-being. Pilates emerged as my answer—a proactive step toward enduring strength and optimal healthspan.

I value a high quality of life that prioritizes family, relationships, work-life balance, and the pursuit of a pain-free existence. Pilates has been my steadfast companion in realizing that for me. It's an investment in oneself, a commitment to a future where we not only age gracefully, but thrive.

In my role as a Pilates instructor, I am passionate about imparting the life-changing benefits of this practice. Teaching is not just a profession for me; it's a calling. Join me on this journey, and let's invest in the well-being of our future selves. Because your future self deserves the very best!

"In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference, and in 30 you’ll have a whole new body."

- Joseph Pilates


Pilates is a method that focuses on building core strength, improving flexibility, and promoting mind-body awareness through controlled movements and beneficial breath work.

EVERYONE! Pilates can be modified to suit any fitness level or physical ability, and provides numerous physiological and mental health benefits. As of right now I am only taking clients of age 18+.

Consider Pilates for the long-term benefits it offers. Picture yourself 20 years from now – being active with your loved ones, effortlessly enjoying your favorite activities, or maintaining a high quality of life. Pilates is not just a workout; it's an investment in injury prevention, building strength, and overall functional fitness. It's a sustainable approach that adapts to various fitness levels and ages. It can even aid in faster recovery from injuries. Your future self relies on the work you put in today, ensuring a strong, agile, and resilient body for years to come. Use Pilates as a preventive measure – because it's not just about today's workout; it's about securing a healthier and more active future.

Opting for private Pilates sessions offers a tailored and focused approach that goes beyond the group class experience. In a full Pilates class, individual nuances are often overlooked. Mastering the correct technique becomes crucial; practicing with improper form not only hinders progress, but also poses a risk of injury.

In a private session, there are no distractions- my undivided attention is solely on you. This allows for a personalized assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, and movement patterns. With this focused attention, we can meticulously work on building the proper technique tailored to your body.

By honing in on the correct technique, you pave the way for reaching your fitness goals more efficiently. Private Pilates sessions offer a space where every movement is analyzed, adjusted, and perfected, ensuring that each exercise is performed with precision. This attention to detail not only maximizes the effectiveness of the workout but also minimizes the risk of injuries associated with incorrect form.

Choosing private Pilates sessions is an investment in your well-being. It provides the opportunity to receive personalized guidance, correct any imbalances, and progress towards your goals with confidence and safety.

Embark on a personalized Pilates journey with me in a private session tailored to YOU. We'll use apparatuses like the reformer, mat, and cadillac. I'll support you every step of the way, ensuring proper form and technique. It will be a comprehensive workout targeting various muscle groups, leading to a stronger and more balanced version of yourself.

Absolutely! We're all about spreading the Pilates love with our Stance Pilates gift certificates. Feel free to contact us to purchase one today!

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Annabelle B.

Teya has truly been a game-changer in my life. I came to her with persistent knee and back injuries that had haunted me for over a decade. Despite seeking help from doctors and massages, nothing provided lasting relief until I began consistently attending Teya's Pilates sessions. Teya's approach is nothing short of remarkable. She exudes patience, understanding the unique challenges each individual faces. What sets her apart is her ability to create a judgment-free environment, ensuring I never felt discouraged when struggling to grasp certain exercises. This encouragement played a pivotal role in building my confidence and commitment to the practice. The impact on my physical well-being has been astonishing. I now live pain-free, something I hadn't thought possible after years of discomfort. The strength and flexibility I've gained through Pilates have not only alleviated my injuries but have also empowered me to navigate my daily activities and work without the burden of constant pain. If you want to change your life for the better, go to Teya.

Maryloie E.

Teya is a huge contribution to my pregnancy journey. Going to her twice a week set me up for success during delivery. After seeing her every session my body felt stronger and help alleviate pain and strengthened my body to carry my beautiful baby. She listened to my concerns and pain points and tailored each session to what my body needed. Teya is passionate about her craft and cares deeply about her clients. She is collaborative and caring. I look forward to each session with her.

Chelsea W.

Training will Teya is a treat! I suffer from a lot of muscle imbalances due to past injuries. Teya helped me strengthen and stretch those areas that so desperately needed it. She explains which muscles we are targeting in each exercise. She also will fix your form like no other (something you'll never get in a group pilates class). Taking pilates lessons will Teya has been amazing for my body!

Skyler B.

While training with Teya, she was able to explain why the workouts were beneficial for my needs. I appreciated her patience and that each workout was modified/tailored to help me get in the best workout for my level. She is an excellent pilates instructor!


Teya Lorts

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